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Hybrid Pedals is the first eBike
store in the world focused on Sustainability. We carry a broad range of eBikes from the very best manufacturers, complemented by solar technologies providing the ability to charge batteries with zero carbon footprint.

​Offering a place where consumers as well as business/government buyers can “kick the tires” and test ride eBikes from several different manufacturers, 
Hybrid Pedals ensures that you leave with the
very best bike for your needs – at
a great price. 

Hybrid Pedals is at the forefront of an electric bike revolution that is sweeping across America. As millions of bike riders across Europe and Asia have already discovered, eBikes offer benefits that far surpass those of the traditional bicycle:

  • Get where you’re going faster.
  • No need to break a sweat.  You don’t have to pedal at all, though many people do. Arrive at the office ready to get right to work, or make it to your friend’s house ready for some fun.
  • Head off to distant places, comfortable in the knowledge that your battery will get you there and back again.  
  • People with health issues may find that eBikes are their only option, allowing them to bike with friends without risk, and without fear of slowing the group’s progress.

Hybrid Pedals recognizes the importance of providing web content so that you can view our selection of eBikes and get a sense of the many options that are available. If you’re like most of our customers, the next step will be to visit our store and test-ride some of our bikes to get a sense of which you like best. Our salespeople are knowledgeable and friendly, and they’ll be happy to work with you to match you up with the very best bike for your needs.​

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Building on our belief in the “green” potential of eBikes, to replace gas-powered transportation in ways never before possible, Hybrid Pedals has taken the idea further with its subsidiary, Seamless Solar Solutions. Solar charging takes the benefits of eBikes to a whole new level, providing off-the-grid flexibility and utility that opens the door to new uses of eBikes. 
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